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. >> you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news on the cw. maybe a little of both. remember . >> maybe you loved him. maybe you hated him. maybe a little of both. the man that gave us jr. >> israel facing a dangerous challenge. what these violent protests mean for a fragile gaza cease fire. >> one of the fbi's ten most wanted on his way back to california after an arrest in mexico. i'm elizabeth cook. >> and i'm allen martin. ewing on the long running
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. we are getting late word tonight, the actor best known for playing the conniving and mischievous j.r . ewing on the long running series dallas has died. he died late this afternoon from complications of cancer. he was 81. cbs reporter alexis looks back at his career. >> stay out of my affairs pamela. >> you make me sick. >> everybody hates me. they love this character. >> love him or hate him. audiences watched seasons of him playing the infamous j.r . in dallas, j.r . cheated his family, friends and his wife while taking plenty of knocks of his own. when the who shot j.r . episode airs 83 million americans tuned in to watch. in real life heavy drinking led
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to a liver transplant that prolonged his life and perhaps gave him a sense of mortal hi his tv character j.r . never shared. like j.r . he was born in texas. the son of pack tres mary actress martin. >> we first new him at the astronaut from i dream of jeannie. he received no residuals for i dream of jeannie which is still in syndication. he was determined not to make the same mistake with dallas. he negotiate record negotiated like j.r . a real businessman. >> a horrifying crash on 101. a bride to be thrown from the family vehicle and killed after the suv slams into a chp
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cruiser. cbs 5 reporter is at stanford hospital where the woman's sister is now in critical condition. kit. >> we just got a text from folks waiting here at the hospital. says everyone seems like they're doing okay. it's been a long and exhausting day and they're all hoping and praying now. her name was nesha tandel in an instant her family went from planning her wedding to her funeral. >> it's a tragedy that this morning i had to hear about this news and it was just so unexpected. >> just before 7:00 this morning, the family's suv veered off the road on highway 101 and slammed into a chp patrol car. the force of the impact ejected nisha who was killed instantly. her sister was also ejected and is in critical condition. it's not clear if either were wearing their seat bells.
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their mother, father, and two other sisters suffered minor to major injuries. >> the officer was in the vehicle with his seat belt on. >> the family had just come from an over night black friday shopping marathon. the items now strewn about the scene were supposed to be gifts at the wedding in india. it's not clear if the dad who was driving fell asleep. investigators are not ruling it out. >> we have no idea why the vehicle swerved. >> two dozen family members and friends are gathered at the icu waiting room. many are still in shock. >> i'm very sorry about this. i feel bad. >> i was just saddened. to me it was just unexpected.
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the chp officer was out there this morning helping another driver change a flat tire. yes he did have warning lights on. the cause of this crash is still under investigation. live at stanford medical center, cbs 5. >> it was the family's first thanksgiving apart the can is say their parents were on the way to louisiana for a gambling trip. the parents were the only two killed in the chain reaction crash in heavy fog. more than a hundred vehicles were involved. 80 people were injured. >> awfully reminisce reminisce isn't a of what we saw last year. this battle is between supporters of president muhammad morsy.
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some are called morsy a dictator. >> the obama administration finds itself in an uncomfortable position. >> police fire department tear gas on thousands of protesters that hurled rocks at protesters in cairo. at least 100 people are in violent demonstrations in several cities. thousands of activists poured into the square. the same place where the arab spring uprising last year toppled morsy's predecessor. but this time they want morsy to go. more than half the voters elected him president months ago. the president is setting himself up as a god. he decreed that any decision or laws he makes cannot be appealed stopped or over turned
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until a new constitution in parliament are approved next spring. he told arally that his ruling will rule out weasels that are blocking democratic reform. it doesn't worry me i have opponents i have reserved rights for my brothers in the opposition so they can hold a revolution if they must. a far cry from a few days ago when the obama administration praised the egyptian president for helping a cease fire between israel and hamas. what happens in egypt will have consequences beyond its borders. it continues to mediate israel's cease fire in hamas. what will happen to the truce? >> a natural gas explosion destroyed two buildings in massachusetts. the blast sent bricks and glass flying through springfield about 90 miles west of boston.
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the blast was so loud it was heard from miles around. >> i jumped. i could feel the garbage cans move next to me. i new where it came from. i could tell it came from this part of the city. >> firefighters were investigating a gas leak 40 minutes before the explosion. firefighters and utility workers were injured but no fatalities. cause is under investigation. >> on the run. the fbi nabbed one of its ten most wanted. he's wanted for murdering four people in l.a. county. including his exgirlfriend who he also allegedly kidnapped and raped. a santa cruz police officer fights for his life and it's all caught on camera. a man getting ready for the
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holidays watched this brawl unfold yesterday. the unidentified officer was trying to arrest lawrence for allegedly assaulting someone else when the fight broke outment at one point it looks like he goes for the officer side arm. >> once i saw him have his hand on his gun, i actually got really worried. and i wanted to run across the street right away and help him out was my first instinct. >> before he could jump in the officer subdued the suspect with pepper spray and arrested him. we're told the officer is bruised but otherwise okay. we live in a 24/7 world but people in one bay area town says the world doesn't need slurps nachos and beef jerky at all hours. the fight one neighborhood took against 7/11. it started two and a half years
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ago this fair fax convenience store opened 24/7. >> you come out on your front porch. >> you may have guessed the couple living next door wasn't exactly saying oh thank heaven. >> there was noise. a lot of hanging out. we could be in our house with the doors closed and the televisions on and hear a strew of four letter words in our home. >> it was the beginning of a big gulp sized battle. they've lived here in relative peace for 22 years. >> this is my home. >> two years and an appeal and a slew of legal fees later. they won. they will be forced to close at midnight come december 1st. that should have been the end of the saga but the store owner told the news paper they've threatened him and they're no longer welcome on his property. >> i'm banned from there.
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>> she's not the only one. other families that complained can no longer enter the story. neighbors told us they'll be sorry to see the store hours shrink. >> i like the convenience of it. >> but they're counting down the days until their convenience store nightmare is over and waiting to see if 7/11 will mount another legal challenge. >> they can take legal action and we'll be right there. that brings us to today's other big story. shopping and a frenzied almost dangerous pace. assessing the deals and the damage done. >> unfortunately for my wife and children we have benefits from the company. but we couldn't afford them. >> wal-mart employees took those frustrations outside today. what it means for the world's largest retailer. >> it's very good for the soul you know what i mean. >> yes, there is more to the
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season than shopping the women that will spend this and every friday knitting some very special gifts.
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our character as a nation so clearly as our celebration f unquote. . >> to quote president ronald reagan perhaps no custom reveals our character as a nation so clearly as our celebration of thanksgiving day. >> today is the day americans shift gears and priorities. oria's secret store . >> this is what it looked like when throngs of shoppers rushed for bras and panties at a
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victoria's secret store in oklahoma. it was a scene repeated at shopping malls across the country today. fortunately we can report no one was killed this year. but there were some serious act of violence in tallahassee florida two people were wounded in a shooting outside a wal- mart. police say it was a disagreement over a parking space. in the bay area no major problems as shoppers flooded businesses like best buy and target with more stores now opening in the predawn hours. the rush was largely over by lunchtime. so why all the effort on a holiday morning? >> we've investigated if we could probably get the same price all year and usually black friday is it. >> now, it won't be clear for a few days how many shoppers hit the growing number of stores that actually opened on thanksgiving itself. now as for the alleged bargains out there today don't worry if you slept in the wall street
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journal looked at six years worth of retail data and found that for many gift items prices were dropped as we get closer to christmas. other hot are products are at their lowest price before the holiday season. that's not to say there weren't a few door buster deals but realistically in the crowds it probably wasn't going to save you a lot of money. protests across the country didn't seem to hurt wal-mart's bottom line today. a handful of wal-marts were targeted by demonstrators in the bay area. protesting low wages and expensive health care plans. despite the demonstrations wal- mart says this was its best black friday ever. one employee says the company needs to spend some of that money on its work force. >> i have to buy my own shoes and my own back brace. they make billions of dollars and they can't supply us with what we need to do the job. >> the protests were limited to
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the handful of retailers 1.3 million employees the arkansas based. >> now that the holiday shopping season is officially under way get ready for small business saturday. own offers local independent stores like these on fourth and berkeley say they're not trying to compete with big chain stores and bargains they say small business saturday is about supporting the local economy and community. >> we love what's left of hardware stores. any kind of small store. you have to spend your dollars there. otherwise we will go away. >> shoppers say among the benefit of shopping at small and local businesses are that they often carry unique products and offer a better more personalized shopping experience. >> while thousands of people were outlooking for those bargains today one group of bay area women went to nordstrom. cbs 5 reporter chen shows us they weren't shopping for
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gifts. they were making them. >> in a a corner needles are clicking and women are chatting. meet the knitters they meet for cake conversation and community service. >> it's very good for the soul you know what i mean. >> the two dozen where i am mostly retired schoolteachers and principals. they can spin a yard or two their fingers do curious work fashioning a christmas gifts. they're donating 300 carves and hats. the program run by billy graham's son frankly hopes to give 9 million children shoe box gifts worldwide. >> this may be the only gift they get and it tells the true meaning of christmas.
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a gift of love that was shared with everyone. >> since they started meeting socially at this cafe ten years ago this close knit group discovered a common thread. >> you want to keep your hands busy. and do something productive. and there are only so many scarves you can wear and so many you can give away. >> over the years the women have touched people all over the world. they made hats for children in nepal and scarves for kids in afghanistan. in the bay area the women have knit hundreds of hats and scarves for premature babies. veterans the homeless and senior citizens. >> there's always another project a way to help and another idea and i love it. >> but there is such a thing as having too much fun. >> i can only bring the simplest thing to do here. because if i drop a stitch. >> in the end they stitch with love. one knit one pearl at a time.
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meteorologists paul. maybe you're getting up early for a jog. to burn off holiday calories. kind of chilly. redwood city waking up to 48. weekend forecast and when rain is going to come back big time. that's all coming up next.
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tree tonight. a horse-drawn carriage delivered the 19-ft frasier fir to the first 's tree is from n . >> the white house has a christmas tree tonight. a horse drawn carriage delivered the tree to the first family. this year's tree is from north carolina. it will go into the white house. >> you don't have to drive to tahoe it's right here in your front door or your backyard as the case maybe. >> the annual downtown holiday celebration kicked off today. a parade, shopping, santa claus and sledding. just for kids mind you. sledding will continue tomorrow starting at 9:00 in the morning. >> macy's 23rd annual great tree lighting took place tonight. singers from the make a wish foundation and san francisco school of the arts were on hand. >> oh my gosh that's so cute.
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>> macy's also partnering up to showcase adoptable animals in union square. this year's theme iconic san francisco neighborhoods. last year was the event's most successful. placing more than 300 animals raising 80,000-dollars the window's staying open until january first. >> a lot of folks in town for the holiday. they couldn't have picked a better weekend. >> what a weekend to visit san francisco. perfect weather outside. guess what it's not over yesterday. mid to upper 60 thursday and friday. saturday and sunday will be milder. the lights. beautiful evening outside. san francisco is one of the mild spots. at 58 degrees. san jose at 53. oakland 56. livermore, 47.
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santa rosa, 46 degrees. doppler radar is coming up dry. when it changes it's going to change. adding to rainfall totals for the end of november. oakland above normal at 13 percent. livermore is trailing by any where from 11 to 20 percent behind what's average. a lot of rainfall for the pacific northwest. let's follow the moisture across the pacific. it's an active jet stream. it's blocking rain and storms from making it down here. it will give you a sunny mild beautiful holiday weekend to get outside. highs approaching 70 degrees. that will change. high pressure moves out. low pressure dies down from the gulf of alaska. that will bring the storm back to the bay area. sunday for monday much wetter weather starting on wednesday. highs around 70 tomorrow.
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san jose, 71. redwood city, free month 69. pittsburgh, antioch, brent wood, 71. 71 for san leandro. we're sunny on sunday and monday but here come the clouds. on tuesday rain is likely wednesday through friday. time for sports. >> indeed ahead. what jim harbaugh said today about his quarter back situation. and the w's trying to end a road trip strong in the rocky mountains.
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colin kaepernick, not alex smith, would qb his team ths sunday in new orleans. did h harbaugh a . >> earlier today in a
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radiointerview donte witner said collin would quarter back his team. did coach harbaugh agree? >> no, we feel like there's no competitive advantage for us to release that information. you may have your opinions on it. it's unorthodox. you know so be it. you can call me names if you want. or make sport of me. >> warriors in denver. looking for their fifth win of the last six games. seven and five. late first half. they left clay thompson open. free ball. golden state led by six at the half. but the nuggets said all right that's enough. they started the second half with a 15 o run. that's andre iguodala. nuggets won 102, 91.
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brad walldou. they fell by one in this direct tv semi. here came the tigers. say hello to lorenzo mccloud. he had 18 in pacific. 76, 66 win the gails fall to four and one. >> what did you say? say hello to my little friend. >> that's a quality movie.
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